Praxitar is going through a rebranding stage at the moment and we've been documenting our brand and website redesign to share the changes with you.


Firstly we looked at our old branding and logo which heavily needed an update. We collated and reviewed what we wanted to stand for as a brand (our usual process when branding other businesses), finding out what we stood for and our core values, who our client is, and what we're building towards in the future.

We came up with a few ideas, playing around with logo marks, abstract shapes and word marks (using the initial “P” from “Praxitar”). We wanted a clean, abstract logo to reflect the modern, forward thinking company that we are, and also a clean, recognisable mark.

“Anything is possible” is our mantra as a company. An abstraction of this formed the strap-line of our company; “Infinite Possibilities”. This created the basis for our logo using the infinity symbol intertwined with the key letter P.


We picked our a couple of colour palettes that we felt reflected our client base, eg hot pinks, reds, oranges. We initially tried our original Praxitar colours of orange, but decided on the hot pink as our final choice as it stood out and encapsulate our fun, professional outlook of our rebrand.

Website redesign

Once we had finalised our brand identity we could move on to our website redesign. The first place we started was using a mobile first approach, as in this digital age it is the key component of a well performing website. We then moved to the look development concepts which is static images, bringing all the shapes, colours and form together so we had a better feeling of how the website was going to look.

Then it was on to the motion concepts, small 5 – 10 second animations of how the user would interact with the website and how the website would respond and interact with the user. We wanted a 'living environment feel' to increase user immersion and engagement with the content.

All pieces of art are a developing and evolving process, websites are no different. After the motion and still concepts we have a good base and feel about how we're going to map the rest of the site out. It then came down to how the website was navigated and focusing on the information that is important to the client. We have now begun (which is what you're currently seeing), to implement all these motion concepts onto our currently static live site, using an iterative process, bringing out updated “versions” of the website as we implement new updates.

Published: 31st March 2018